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Improving Performance Appraisal at Work

Evolution and Change

Aharon Tziner and Edna Rabenu

Compiling extensive research findings with real insights from the business world, this must-read book on performance appraisal explores its evolution from the classic appraisal to its current form, and the methodology behind its progression. Looking forward, Aharon Tziner and Edna Rabenu emphasize that well-conducted appraisals combine a mixture of classic and current, and are here to stay.
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Aharon Tziner and Edna Rabenu

The authors acknowledge that in writing this book they have used materials from their book in Hebrew, titled Performance Appraisal at Work: Evolution and Change, published in 2011 by the Open University of Israel in Ra’anana.

The authors express their profound gratitude to Professor Kevin R. Murphy for his insightful and constructive comments and suggestions that have greatly contributed to improving our present volume.

The authors are grateful to the copyright holders who granted their permission to use the items that appear in this book.


We have endeavored to trace the copyright owners of all the external material. We sincerely apologize for any omission or error and upon notification, will be pleased to rectify it in future editions.