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Varieties of Capital Cities

The Competitiveness Challenge for Secondary Capitals

David Kaufmann

The political and symbolic centrality of capital cities has been challenged by increasing economic globalization. This is especially true of secondary capital cities; capital cities which, while being the seat of national political power, are not the primary economic city of their nation state. David Kaufmann examines the unique challenges that these cities face entering globalised, inter-urban competition while not possessing a competitive political economy.
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David Kaufmann

1.1    Comparison of SCCs and primary cities in OECD countries
1.2    Summary of interviews
2.1    Analytical framework
2.2    Locational Policies Framework
2.3    Conceptualization of RIS stages in SCCs
2.4    Dimensions of Multilevel Governance
3.1    Summary of all four cases
4.1    Population dynamics in Bern and Switzerland
4.2    Ratio between KIBS jobs and manufacturing jobs in Swiss cities
4.3    Local revenue composition, Bern
4.4    Cluster policies in Bern
4.5    Locational policies agenda of Bern
5.1    Population dynamics in Ottawa and Canada
5.2    Ratio between KIBS jobs and manufacturing jobs in Canadian cities
5.3    Local revenue composition, Ottawa
5.4    Comparison of Ottawa’s economic development plans
5.5    Locational policies agenda of Ottawa
6.1    Population dynamics in The Hague and The Netherlands
6.2    Ratio between KIBS jobs and manufacturing jobs in Dutch cities
6.3    Private sector clusters in The Hague
6.4    Local revenue composition, The Hague
6.5    Locational policies agenda of The Hague
7.1    Population dynamics in Washington, DC and the US
7.2    Ratio between KIBS jobs and manufacturing jobs in US cities
7.3    Employment in Washington, DC
7.4    Local revenue composition, Washington, DC
7.5    Comparison of tax rates in the metropolitan region of Washington, DC
7.6    Locational policies agenda of Washington, DC
8.1    Explaining innovation policies
8.2    Explaining image building
8.3    Explaining business prerequisites
8.4    Explaining acquisition
8.5    Explaining coordination
8.6    Explaining public funds and compensation payments
8.7    Explanatory factors of locational policies
8.8    Two main locational policies agendas
8.9    Local revenue comparison of the four SCCs
8.10   Summary of urban governance arrangements
A1.1  Anonymized list of interview partners