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Making a 21st Century Constitution

Playing Fair in Modern Democracies

Frank Vibert

Democratic constitutions are increasingly unfit for purpose with governments facing increased pressures from populists and distrust from citizens. The only way to truly solve these problems is through reform. Within this important book, Frank Vibert sets out the key challenges to reform, the ways in which constitutions should be revitalised and provides the standards against which reform should be measured.
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Frank Vibert

I would like to thank the Department of Government, LSE for extending my stay as Senior Visiting Fellow while this book was being written. In particular, I would like to thank in the department Professor Edward Page, Professor Martin Lodge, Professor Mark Thatcher, Emeritus Professor John Madeley and David Axelsen (Visitor) for helpful comments and support along the way.

In addition, I am most grateful to Professor Denis Galligan, Professorial Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford, for his comments and encouragement and for two seminars organized by the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society, Wolfson College, at which I was able to present some of the material in this book. I would also like to thank LSE/CARR that enabled me to trial some of the material in Chapter 11 of this book in a CARR discussion paper on ‘Regulatory Agencies Under Challenge’.

Among others, I would like to mention helpful comments from Professor Roland Vaubel, Emeritus Professor Mannheim University, Professor Yolanda Meyenberg Leycegui, Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, UNAM, Mexico, Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Kings College, London, Professor Richard Rose, Centre for the Study of Public Policy, University of Strathclyde, Anthony Barnett, Open Democracy, Thomas Aubrey, and Stewart Fleming. Senior Member, St Anthony’s College, Oxford. Finally, Dr Attila Szanto provided valuable research support.