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Determann’s Field Guide To Data Privacy Law

International Corporate Compliance, Fourth Edition

Lothar Determann

Companies, lawyers, privacy officers, compliance managers, as well as human resources, marketing and IT professionals are increasingly facing privacy issues. While information on privacy topics is freely available, it can be diffcult to grasp a problem quickly, without getting lost in details and advocacy. This is where Determann’s Field Guide to Data Privacy Law comes into its own – identifying key issues and providing concise practical guidance for an increasingly complex field shaped by rapid change in international laws, technology and society.
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The Field Guide

Lothar Determann

If you are new at an organization that does not have a formal data privacy compliance program, you could start with Chapter 1, prepare a task list as you go, study or skip Chapter 2 on international data transfers (depending on how domestic or global your business is), and then work through Chapter 3 as you prepare documentation and execute your task list.

If you inherit or audit an existing program, start with the brief Chapter 4 first and then go through Chapters 1 to 3.

If you just need a quick answer to a substantive question, check the Index at the end of the book and the summaries from A to Z in Chapter 5 for directions and perspective. The Field Guide cannot provide definitive answers to detailed questions, but it is intended to put phenomena into context and give you practical pointers and suggestions on how to solve problems, tackle tasks and find further information.