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Stable Banks in Challenging Times

Contributions of Andreas Dombret at the Deutsche Bundesbank 2010–2018

Andreas Dombret

Stable Banks in Challenging Times is a collection of speeches delivered by Dr. Andreas Dombret, during his eight-year tenure as a board member of the Deutsche Bundesbank, the German central bank. As witness to the challenges created by the global financial crisis of 2008, Dr. Dombret helped shape large parts of the new regulatory framework. He successfully monitored future developments such digitalization, Brexit and climate change and their effects on the risk situation in the global banking industry and his insights are an invaluable look at the inner workings of global financial regulation and policy.
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Andreas Dombret

Introduction by Zach He

Introduction by Patricia C. Mosser

Foreword by Agustín Carstens

Foreword by Nigel Higgins

Foreword by David Lipton

Foreword by Axel Weber

Foreword by Jens Weidmann


Banking needs to become exciting again: interview of Andreas Dombret by Philipp Otto

1     Financial stability in a globalised world

1.1  Securing financial stability: the contribution of economic policy. Speech at the New Year’s Reception of Deutsches Aktieninstitut, Brussels, 27 January 2011

1.2  Rules and tools for capturing systemic risk. Speech at SVP Global’s European Symposium on Perspectives on the European Distressed and Credit Markets, London, 4 October 2011

1.3  Could less be more? The role of finance for the economy. Dinner speech at the SAFE Conference on Regulating Financial Markets, Frankfurt am Main, 30 May 2016

1.4  More painkillers, please? Why more finance is the wrong medicine for our growth problem. Keynote remarks at the Harvard Law School Symposium on Building the Financial System of the 21st Century: An Agenda for Europe and the US, Armonk, New York, 8 April 2016

1.5  Under pressure: is consolidation the solution for Europe’s banking sector? Speech at the Conference “Doing M&A deals around the world”, Frankfurt am Main, 13 October 2016

1.6  Banking sector in uncertain times: a challenge for whom? Keynote speech at the British Bankers Association Annual International Banking Conference, London, 20 October 2016

1.7  Banks navigating uncharted waters. Speech at the Instituto de Estudos de Política Econômica, Rio de Janeiro, 2 December 2016

1.8  How to manage financial crisis from a systemic viewpoint. Speech at the 40th Economics Conference of the Central Bank of the Republic of Austria, Vienna, 10 May 2012

1.9  Financial systemic risk: the national and international dimension of macroprudential policy. Public lecture at the International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies (ICMB), Geneva, 12 February 2013

1.10  Resilient banks: essential building blocks of a stable financial system. Speech at the 18th Annual Banking and Insurance Conference, London, 24 September 2013

1.11  Shaken but not stirred? The banking system seven years after the crisis. Speech at the Financial Markets Group Research Centre of the LSE, London, 29 October 2015

2     Supervision and regulation in Europe and beyond

2.1  Moving together: one year of European banking supervision. Speech at the ESE Conference 2015 “Financial supervision in Europe – on the right track?” at the Czech National Bank, Prague, 2 October 2015

2.2  Failing or likely to fail? Putting the European banking union to the test. Speech at the Deutsche Bundesbank’s University of Applied Sciences, Hachenburg, 21 August 2017

2.3  Banks: allowing them to fail. Statement at the Euromoney Conference on Germany, Berlin, 29 April 2015

2.4  European banking union: a construction site – common supervision, common resolution, common deposit insurance scheme? Speech at the Bundesbank symposium “Banking supervision in dialogue”, Frankfurt am Main, 1 June 2016

2.5  Trying to see in the dark: the challenge of financial regulation. Speech at the Center for Financial Studies, Frankfurt am Main, 28 November 2014

2.6  Big bang banking union: what can we expect? Speech at the Euro Finance Week, Frankfurt am Main, 18 November 2014

2.7  What is “good regulation”? Speech at the Bundesbank symposium “Banking supervision in dialogue”, Frankfurt am Main, 9 July 2014

2.8  Cutting the Gordian Knot or splitting hairs? The debate about breaking up the banks. Speech at the ILF (Institute for Law and Finance) Conference, Frankfurt am Main, 21 January 2014

2.9  The euro, the banks and the crisis: reshaping the world of finance. Speech at the American Academy, Berlin, 10 March 2014

3     Basel III: reflections on a major regulatory project

3.1  Are we done now? Reflections on the post-crisis supervisory and regulatory regime. Speech at the University of Cape Town, 1 September 2016

3.2  Too little, too much, or just right? Reforming banking regulation after the financial crisis. Speech at the 21st Colloquium of the Institute for Banking and Financial History (IBF) “Ways to a stable financial system”, Frankfurt am Main, 23 November 2017

3.3  Basel III: goal within sight. Opening speech at the Bundesbank symposium on “Banking supervision in dialogue”, Frankfurt am Main, 15 March 2017

3.4  Where do we go from here? The future of US–EU financial relations following the finalisation of Basel III. Speech at the Institute of International Bankers, Washington, DC, 5 March 2018

3.5  Basel III: are we done now? Statement at the Institute for Law and Finance Conference on Basel III, Frankfurt am Main, 29 January 2018

4     Behind the curve? The role of climate change in banking supervision

4.1  Behind the curve? The role of climate risks in banks’ risk management. Remarks at the National University of Singapore, 2 October 2017

4.2  Greener finance – better finance? How green should the financial world be? Speech at the Bundesbank symposium “Banking supervision in dialogue”, Frankfurt am Main, 7 March 2018

5     Opt in or opt out? The future of the European Union in light of Brexit

5.1  What does Brexit mean for European banks? Keynotespeech at a Conference of the Association of German Banks Center for Financial Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt, 13 July 2016

5.2  The possible impact of Brexit on the financial landscape. Speech delivered at zeb, London, 24 February 2017

5.3  The future relationship between Germany and the UK in finance after Brexit. Speech at UK Finance, London, 8 February 2018

5.4  We can work it out – or can we? Current challenges in Brexit talks. Speech at the Atlantik-Brücke, London, 8 November 2017

5.5  Living with fragmentation: post-Brexit realities in financial services. Keynote speech at the AIMA Global Policy and Regulatory Forum, Dublin, 20 March 2018

5.6  How will Brexit change the map of global finance? Speech at the 2018 Europe–US Symposium of the Harvard Law School Program on International Financial Systems, Armonk, New York, 11 April 2018

6     Digitalisation: the most significant challenge for future banking

6.1  Digitalisation: repercussions for banks and their supervisors. Speech at the 16th Norddeutscher Bankentag “Digitalisation – (r)evolution in the banking industry”, Leuphana University Lüneburg, 8 June 2016

6.2  Digital natives? The future of banking in an era of digitalisation. Speech at “Unlock the Block” Hackathon, University Cape Town, 24 January 2018

6.3  Banks spellbound by innovation? Lessons learnt from digitalisation. Introductory address at the Baden-Baden Entrepreneur Talks, Baden-Baden, 22 March 2017

6.4  On the prospects of growing electronification in the capital markets. Statement at the Eurofi High Level Seminar 2016, Amsterdam, 25 April 2016

6.5  Banking on big data: different policy issues? Statement at the 3rd Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy, Frankfurt am Main, 6 November 2015

6.6  Totally digital? The future of banking business. Speech at the 2015 Bavarian Financial Summit, Munich, 26 October 2015

7     Central banking and the role of international cooperation

7.1  The future of global economic cooperation: Brexit, Basel III and beyond. Speech at a reception to welcome Olga Wittchen, Financial Attaché, as the Bundesbank’s representative in London, 23 February 2017

7.2  What’s the future of globalisation? What’s the future of free markets? European optimism in an uncertain world. Speech given at New York University, New York, 11 October 2017

7.3  A stairway to heaven? The promises and limits of global integration. Speech at the London School of Economics and Political Science, London, 8 February 2018

8     Conclusion

8.1  Mediating between worlds: eight years at the Bundesbank. Farewell speech, Frankfurt am Main, 4 May 2018