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Stable Banks in Challenging Times

Contributions of Andreas Dombret at the Deutsche Bundesbank 2010–2018

Andreas Dombret

Stable Banks in Challenging Times is a collection of speeches delivered by Dr. Andreas Dombret, during his eight-year tenure as a board member of the Deutsche Bundesbank, the German central bank. As witness to the challenges created by the global financial crisis of 2008, Dr. Dombret helped shape large parts of the new regulatory framework. He successfully monitored future developments such digitalization, Brexit and climate change and their effects on the risk situation in the global banking industry and his insights are an invaluable look at the inner workings of global financial regulation and policy.
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Andreas Dombret

As usual a volume like this only comes together with the help of many, so a note of thanks appears more than appropriate.

Trish Mosser of the School of International Public Affairs at Columbia University needs to be mentioned first. I have known Trish since her days at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and cannot thank her more for all of her generous support for this book. It could not have been done, though, without the tireless help of David Caughlin, Associate Director at the School of International Public Affairs at Columbia University, who oversaw every single step of production, from translation to working closely with the publisher, Trish and me. Many, many thanks, Trish and David!

Zach He, Chairman of the Clyde Wu Fellowship, sponsored this English volume, for which I thank him sincerely. It appears very much on his initiative after having learned about the German edition. Zach invited me to join the faculty of SIPA as a Clyde Wu Fellow in 2018, and I have cherished my relationship with him since then.

Apropos to the German edition, which came out in 2019, Philipp Otto conducted the thoughtful interview with me which you will find in the first chapter of the book. Annika Sattler and Sebastian Ahlfeld of the Bundesbank have helped to put the chapters together, and my thanks go out to all three of them.

I am very grateful for the forewords by Agustín Carstens, Nigel Higgins, David Lipton, Axel Weber and Jens Weidmann. What better forewords can one possibly hope for, and they honour this book in a major way. Jay Powell and Randy Quarles, both from the Fed Board, would have liked to contribute but are prohibited to provide forewords while in office. And the publisher and I could not be happier about the endorsements from Barry Eichengreen, Nigel Higgins, Scott McDonald and Makoto Takashima.

Axel Weber and Jens Weidmann were the two Presidents at the Bundesbank during my term in office. It is important to me to thank them both, as well as all my colleagues on the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, the fellow members of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank and the Directors on the Board of the Bank for International Settlements with whom I served while in office. My heart goes out to the central banking community at large, as I enjoyed my time as a central banker tremendously.

My final thanks go to the publisher, Edward Elgar Publishing, with whom I published Stability of the Financial System: Illusion or Feasible Concept? in 2013. Who knows what our next project is going to be …

And a big thank you to all readers for your esteemed interest in the subject matter.

Andreas Dombret