Darwinism and Economics Test Revision
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Darwinism and Economics Test Revision

Geoffrey M. Hodgson

Please note this updated and revised Research Review is only available online. The link to Buy Book in Print and Find This Book in Your Library is to a previous edition available in print. The previous print edition reprints the full text of many, though not all, of the Recommended Articles and complements the online edition. This research review assembles outstanding works of recent scholarship on Darwinism covering three major fields of enquiry:How Darwinism affects our conception of human nature and challenges long-standing assumptions such as self-interested behaviour.Analysis of the nature of socio-cultural evolution, its differences from biological evolution and whether it is Lamarckian.The possibility of generalizing core Darwinian principles to cover evolving entities in the economic and social world, as well as in biology.
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About this Research Review

Geoffrey M. Hodgson

About Elgar Research Reviews

Elgar Research Reviews consist of two principal components: a scholarly Review Article and a list of Recommended Readings.

The Review Article prepared by a leading scholar introduces the relevant field of academic study by making reference to the seminal and most transformative articles within that field. This piece sets in context the readings that follow, illustrating how they have shaped the scholarship and why they are important to the development of the field. The Recommended Readings have full references to facilitate further research.

Using the reference links provided

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Finding a print version of the recommended readings

This research review is an updated and revised edition of a book that was previously only available in printed format: Darwinism and Economics, edited by Geoffrey M. Hodgson (ISBN 978 1 84844 072 2). This previous print edition also included the full text of many, but not all, of the Recommended Readings in their original layout. Use the Find This Book In Your Library button at the top of this page to see if it is available in your library. (The button only appears if your library has provided their link resolver details.)