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Governments have progressively adopted a number of technology innovations to respond to a growing demand to (i) digitalize public action and optimize its operations and services and (ii) increase citizen engagement in the development, implementation, and evaluation of public. The citizen-government relation is constituted of the delivery of governmental services, as well as many interactions in the policy-making cycle. To strengthen citizen-government relation and citizen participation in policymaking, governments increasingly use digital technology for three types of actions: (1) enhancing access to information so that citizens are well informed, (2) enabling citizens to express their views on projects and societal issues that affect them in consultations, (3) and engaging citizens in decision-making processes. This book explores the progressive AI-mediation citizen-government relation. It aims to answer the question: where and how is artificial intelligence (AI) used in this relation, which is essential for the quality of liberal democracy and strengthening civic capacity.