Conclusion: Post-pandemic epilogue - the bad old contract, an even worse contract or a better social contract for informal workers?
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The Conclusion of the book "Social contracts and informal workers in the global South" draws lessons from COVID-19, which has exacerbated pre-existing inequalities and injustices, while also revealing the contributions of informal workers in providing essential services (health, food, care, transport, sanitation). Three trajectories for the social contract and informal workers are mapped: the first scenario is the maintenance of the status quo, the "bad old contract." The second trajectory sees a worsening into the "even worse contract." A third possibility is more optimistic, building on the vision for a fairer economy and society as articulated by informal workers - the "better new contract" in which policies are responsive to the needs of informal workers; rights and responsibilities are redistributed between the state, capital, formal and informal labour at the municipal, national and transnational levels and spaces for policy dialogue are opened up to informal worker organizations and leaders.