Introduction: towards more entrepreneurial universities - myth or reality?
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It is clear that universities need to become more entrepreneurial, changing their strategies, their structures and their practices, changing their culture and helping students and faculty members to develop their entrepreneurial mindsets and entrepreneurial actions. But universities are professional bureaucracies focused on core missions and values in relation to education and research. Consequently, their ability/capacity to change and adopt new behaviours seems low. This creates a paradox and tension between what universities are and what they should be to deal with the evolutionary trends and the complexity of the world. At the same time, there is much talk of entrepreneurial universities in both the world of practice/politics and research. Much work has been done on entrepreneurial universities, and this book reflects the rich diversity of such literature. But issues can be raised about the usefulness and applicability of this knowledge. Is there a strong relationship/ connection between research on entrepreneurial universities and the needs, the awareness, the policies and the strategies of universities? In other words, is the idea of an entrepreneurial university a myth or a reality? Even if we are convinced that universities must change and become more entrepreneurial, this question must be asked. We believe this book responds to the question, highlighting how universities can conceive of and implement strategic changes to better promote entrepreneurship internally and externally.