Chapter 1: Entrepreneurial business and society: introduction
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This volume represents a selection of best papers from the ones presented at the RENT XXV conference, hosted by Bodø Graduate School of Business and the Nordland Research Institute in Bodø in Norway, in November 2011. The anthology presents a window on contemporary European research in the field of entrepreneurship and small business. Its overall theme, entrepreneurial business and society, highlights the inter- play between the entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial firm and the society. Part II puts an emphasis on promoting entrepreneurial businesses, while Part III focuses on entrepreneurial people and entrepreneurial sectors, thus drawing our attention to that entrepreneurship also may contribute to social change and welfare and success could be measured in terms of the effect on the society. RENT XXV emphasized how new firms are a result of entrepreneurs interacting with stakeholders in their environment, not only in the market but also with wider stakeholders such as interest groups and government institutions. As the book itself demonstrates, the themes of the conference span a wide range of contemporary issues. These include how govern- mental support programmes supporting entrepreneurial activity are reasoned, the red tape burden of small and medium-sized enterprises, how venture capital is offered and the role of technology transfer offices, through to issues in entrepreneurship education, intrapreneurship in public healthcare, how resources and capabilities shape the entrepreneurial opportunity and how the entrepreneurial opportunity itself is identified, evaluated and capitalized upon. Chapter 2, authored by Shaker Zahra, Rakesh Pati and Liman Zhao, focuses on counterproductive entrepreneurship.

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