Chapter 1: The home: multidisciplinary reflections
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Many social problems have several dimensions, can be analyzed from different scientific disciplines and are dynamic in nature, that is, their short-term consequences do not match their long-term consequences. These problems must be viewed from a broad, dynamic, open, multidisciplinary approach. This chapter seeks to show that the home can provide this core of analysis for many issues, insofar as (1) it puts the person at the center; (2) it presents that person within the framework of a human community, the family, that is called upon to cooperate in common functions that have considerable significance; (3) it enables a variety of dimensions to be identified, all of which are important for these people; (4) it revolves around the physical living space that these people share; and (5) it places the house within an immediate environment, the village, neighborhood or town, opening the home to society as a whole.