Chapter 1: Introduction
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The introductory chapter sketches the scope of cultural economics and the structure of the book, which is specifically addressed to teachers. The book begins with five chapters by the editors and other experienced teachers of cultural economics, who describe their own teaching experiences. Then follow 37 studies organized within the six parts of the book, each of which is curated by one of the three editors: Part I: Economics of Public Support for Arts and Cultural Organizations; Part II: Financing Cultural Production; Part III: Artists’ Labour Markets; Part IV: Consumer Behaviour in the Cultural Sector; Part V: Digitization and Copyright; and Part VI: Topics in the Economics of Cultural and Creative Industries. Each chapter has suggestions for further reading, classroom exercises and test or examination questions. Case studies vary in terms of the level of prior knowledge of economics and there is something for everyone. The book may be used as the basis of a course or dipped into using just a few chapters.

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