Introduction to the Handbook of Research Methods on Gender and Management
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The introduction to this Handbook identifies the pressing need for a resource on methods for researchers in gender and management, and related disciplines. Gender is a complex, dynamic and socially constructed phenomenon, operating through organisational and management processes and practices. Gender and management scholars therefore require a repertoire of methods and methodologies, in order to surface how and why gender inequalities are (re)produced and sustained. This introduction describes the Handbook’s contributions within four sections: autoethnographic methods; practical approaches; critical approaches, and methodological developments. Noting the diverse disciplines and contexts on which chapters draw, the introduction identifies a common focus on methods that help researchers situate themselves and their studies to develop knowledge to advance understandings of gender research more broadly. Drawing attention to the continued expansion of gender and management research, the introduction concludes by proposing this edited collection as a rich basis from which to develop further methodological knowledge and innovation.