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With this fifteenth volume of EJEEP we have slightly revised our aims and scope in order to highlight even more the heterodox and pluralistic character of the journal. EJEEP is – and has always been – a peer-reviewed journal that serves as a pluralistic forum for studies in macroeconomic theory, economic institutions and economic policies from a heterodox perspective. Now our aims and scope explicitly stress this.

The current issue consists of articles, book reviews and a forum section. The latter contains two policy-oriented contributions, the first by Trevor Evans on Trump's economic strategy and the second by Thomas Palley on a wage growth target for monetary policy. The regular interview which, as responses by our readers show, has always been a worthwhile and inspiring part of issues 1 and 3 of a volume completes the forum section. (Issue 2 is devoted to the proceedings of the annual conferences of the Forum for Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies and does not include a forum and book review section.) As readers will notice, this issue's interview offers insights into the academic vita of a post-Keynesian scholar well-known to the community – Marc Lavoie – who is also an editor of this journal.

After many years of editorship another editor of this journal decided, with a very heavy heart, to resign. Achim Truger, a close friend to all the other editors and a relentless contributor to the success of the journal since he joined in 2008, stepped back from his position as an editor after ten years. However, as his book review in this issue demonstrates, he will continue to contribute to the journal as an author and member of the Editorial Board. We would like to thank Achim for his longstanding support, wish him all the best for his future, and we hope for further collaborations.

Last but not least, we would like to point to the list of reviewers which can be found at the end of this issue. We wish to thank all the reviewers who have contributed to the high standard of this journal by offering constructive critique to the submitters of papers since we have been publishing EJEEP with Edward Elgar.

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