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Nearly all contributions to this issue deal with the current financial and economic crisis and its effects – in one way or another. Herbert Walther's contribution to the Forum on economic policy after the crisis serves as an introduction. A Special Symposium in the Forum section is also dedicated to causes of the crisis and economic policy recommendations aiming at preventing or moderating further financial market crises. The symposium has originated from a plenary discussion at the 2nd International Summer School of the Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies (FMM) in August 2009 and comprises contributions by Philip Arestis, Robert Blecker, Marica Frangakis and Marc Lavoie. With this symposium we continue a format we already used in issue 1, volume 4 (2007), for a survey on »How heterodox is the mainstream?«. We hope that this contrasting juxtaposition is of interest for our readers.

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