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Leadership and the Humanities is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of, research on, and applications concerning leadership. The journal offers rigorous but readable scholarship on leadership from the broad field of the humanities, an increasingly popular locus for leadership studies. The journal publishes explorations of leadership from many disciplinary perspectives, including philosophy, ethics, religion, history, psychology, arts, literature, drama, film, ancient and modern languages, classics, communication and media studies, anthropology, political science, and sociology. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged. The journal welcomes studies of leaders and leadership in many different settings, in fiction and art, and across different times, places, and cultures. This may include studies of formal as well as informal leaders, and it may focus on followers, organizations, and the context of leadership, or on symbolic representations and depictions of leadership. Research that stresses the diversity of leadership across gender, race, class, religion, and age is encouraged.

The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:

  • Philosophical approaches to leadership studies
  • History and leadership
  • Biography and leadership
  • Analytic psychology, psychoanalysis and leadership
  • Ethics and leadership
  • Cultural studies and leadership
  • Arts and leadership
  • Literature and leadership
  • Language (modern and ancient), linguistics and semiotics approaches to leadership
  • Communication studies and leadership
  • Religion and leadership
  • Anthropological approaches to leadership
  • Law and leadership
  • Political theory and leadership
  • Humanities education for leadership development