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It is with absolute pleasure and a touch of relief that we pen this editorial for the inaugural issue of the Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, or QMJIP as we have come to know it with affection and pride.

The key word that sums up the spirit and momentum behind this journal is work. Not only is it a work in its own right, an enticing symmetry for an audience of intellectual property scholarship, but also it is the product of the tremendous force of a very enthusiastic and creative community at Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute – the real energy that moved this whole project forward from an idea to a ‘work’. In the very real sense of ‘work’, the journal is a true and purposeful accomplishment by a large group of enthusiastic, creative and talented people.

The journal also launches at a very significant moment in the history of Queen Mary University of London, marking 30 years since the establishment of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies by Professor Roy Goode and the first endowment by the famous inventor, Dr Herchel Smith. Dr Herchel Smith's generosity established what was to become the Herchel Smith Chair in Intellectual Property Law at Queen Mary University of London and supported the creation of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute (QMIPRI), one of the foremost centres for intellectual property research and education both within Europe and internationally. Indeed, Malcolm Langley, librarian of the Herchel Smith archive, has contributed a wonderful paper on the history of the Herchel Smith bequest to this inaugural issue.

QMJIP is offered as a forum for the highest quality of scholarship in intellectual property, in recognition of the tremendous talent and research going on in intellectual property, and in response to the desire to contribute to that community, both as a space and as a work. To that end, the journal in itself will also drive work through an annual journal conference, offering researchers a dynamic place to exchange ideas and to refine arguments as part of the broader journal ‘community’ we hope to nurture.

The major protagonists in this story are to be found in the thriving PhD community at Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute. In particular, an enormous debt is owed to Rish Handa and Luke McDonagh for their tireless efforts in the early days of the project, carried forth by Martin Kuppers, Marcus Goffe and Marc Mimler. A special acknowledgement is owed to the incredible efforts of Marc Mimler, General Editor, in bringing this first issue to life. He has ensured a professionalism and commitment from the outset, and has showed astonishing energy in the demanding months up to publication.

We hope you enjoy the first issue. The work has only just begun.


Professor Gibson, Johanna - Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary University of London

Hoffmann, Lord - Honorary Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary University of London