The Dictionary of Health Economics, Third Edition
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The Dictionary of Health Economics, Third Edition

Anthony J. Culyer

This third edition of Anthony Culyer’s authoritative The Dictionary of Health Economics brings the material right up to date as well as adding plentiful amounts of new information, with a number of revised definitions. There are now nearly 3,000 entries in this comprehensive work. This third edition includes 250 new references as sources for definitions and examples of practice and the bibliography comprises roughly 1,400 items. Anthony Culyer has refined and made the system of cross-references and internet links even more comprehensive than in previous editions. This Dictionary is as complete a statement as exists anywhere of what it is that every health economist ought to know.
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Anthony J. Culyer

Use of italics

Italicized terms, other than reference titles, in the text of entries are themselves entries in the Dictionary. Mention of an entry in another entry is italicized only at the first mention.

Biographical material

Biographical material is included only in connection with entries that themselves contain the names of individuals or that refer to named individuals as, for example, the inventors of a term.


Cross-references are provided at the end of many entries. When there is more than one they are in alphabetical order. These are cross-references to substantive entries and not, for example, to mere synonyms or antonyms. These do not repeat cross-references indicated within the entry by italicized words.

Bibliographical references

Bibliographic references are provided both for the originators of ideas and for applications in health economics, usually at the end of an entry, in the form: surname(s) (date).

Order of subject matter

Entries are in strict alphabetical order regardless of their nature.

References and websites

References are as full as it has been possible to make them. I have not included authors’ first names. Websites were current at the time of writing.