Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
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Encyclopedia of Law and Economics

Edited by Gerrit De Geest

The second, expanded edition of the acclaimed Encyclopedia represents a major update of the most authoritative reference work in the field of law and economics and the nine print volumes are now released online as a single integrated product. The Encyclopedia provides balanced and comprehensive coverage of the major domain in law and economics, including: criminal law, regulation, property law, contract law, tort law, labor and employment law, antitrust law, procedural law, and the production of legal rules. Each theme or volume is overseen by a leading scholar and each of the 156 entries is prepared by an expert in the field, providing an in-depth and authoritative overview of the individual topic, combined with an exhaustive bibliography, allowing users to access and filter the entire corpus of literature in law and economics. As with the print edition, the Encyclopedia is unique in serving both as an entry point and a platform for advanced research. The online edition is enhanced with Elgaronline’s powerful search tools, facilitating the search for key terms across the entire Encyclopedia, whilst the browse function allows users to move seamlessly between the volumes. These elements combine to create a powerful research tool for any researcher or scholar in the field of law and economics.
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Francesco Parisi

[In: Volume 7, Francesco Parisi (ed) Production of Legal Rules]

  • Dahl, Robert 339

  • D’Amato, A. 300

  • Dawson, John P. 146

  • p. 422De Alessi, Louis 126

  • De Marzo, Peter 239

  • decentralization see federalism

  • delegation

    • agencies and bureaucracies and delegation of rule-making power 77 80

    • self-regulation as delegation of state law-making powers 232 235

  • demand-side analysis of common law efficiency 109 114

  • DeMesquita, Ethan Bueno 67

  • democracy 175

    • direct democracy versus representative institutions 12 14

  • Denicolò, Vincenzo 236

  • Depoorter, Ben 122 , 138 , 140 , 141

  • DeShazo, J. R. 65

  • Devries, A. 220

  • direct democracy 12 14

  • discretion

    • curbing discretion by procedural rules 64 68

    • econometric approaches to control of 70 72

    • spatial approaches to control of discretion 72 76

  • Diver, Colin S. 24

  • Djankov, Simeon 154

  • Dragonetti, Giacomo 199

  • Yackee, Susan Webb 72

  • Yarbrough, Beth V. 322

  • Yarbrough, Robert M. 322