A Dictionary of Climate Change and the Environment
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A Dictionary of Climate Change and the Environment

Economics, Science, and Policy

R. Quentin Grafton, Harry W. Nelson, N. Ross Lambie and Paul R. Wyrwoll

A Dictionary of Climate Change and the Environment bridges the gap between the many disciplines encompassing climate change, environmental economics, environmental sciences, and environmental studies.
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Internet Resources: Environmental News Sources and Blogs

R. Quentin Grafton, Harry W. Nelson, N. Ross Lambie and Paul R. Wyrwoll

The growth of the internet has greatly increased our capacity to share information concerning environmental issues. However, a great many websites are dedicated to this purpose and one can easily be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information available. With the aim of assisting the reader to access the best information in the most efficient manner, we list below a number of sites that we find helpful. They are quality resources for keeping up to date with contemporary environmental news, issues, and opinions. We list them under three categories: general sites that deal with a broad range of issues, those focusing on climate change, and other issue specific sites. They appear in alphabetical order within either category to avoid the appearance of recommending or ranking individual sites. This catalogue is not intended to be comprehensive and, in many cases, the online resources we mention below are linked to other useful sites.

1. General Environment

Environmental News Network (ENN) (www.enn.com)

One of the longest running online environmental news services. ENN publishes original articles and reproduces items from other sources. Also provides a daily email newsletter containing links to new stories.

Yale Environment 360 (e360.yale.edu)

An online publication of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Features opinion and analysis of environmental issues by academics, journalists, and policy makers.

2. Climate Change

Climate Progress (climateprogress.org)

Widely acknowledged as one of the most influential climate change blogs. Renowned for a high level of activity, it hosts multiple daily posts concerning both policy and science.

p. lxviiiRealClimate (www.realclimate.org)

A blog site run by working climate scientists. Intended as a forum to explain the science and provide commentary on emerging developments.

SolveClimate News (solveclimate.com)

High volume source of daily news and commentary on climate policy and science.

3. Issue Specifc

China Dialogue (www.chinadialogue.net)

A bilingual site that provides articles, links, and opinions concerning environment issues in China and the rest of the world.

Circle of Blue – WaterNews (www.circleofblue.org/waternews/)

The news and analysis arm of an international network of scientists and journalists working on global freshwater issues.

Global Water Forum (www.globalwaterforum.org)

A blog featuring articles authored by the world’s leading water researchers and practitioners. This site acts as a multidisciplinary forum for sharing ideas about local, regional, and global water governance issues.

GreenBiz.com (www.greenbiz.com)

News and opinion site looking at environmental issues from a business perspective.

Mongabay.com (www.mongabay.com)

A highly subscribed news and information site focusing mainly on rainforest and wildlife conservation.

SciDev.Net (www.scidev.net)

p. lxixAn online source of news and opinion on science and technology in developing countries, with a strong emphasis on the environment.